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Peer References

"I really admire your management of the RESNET-BPI group on LinkedIn, as well as your experienced, thoughtful and considerate posts."
Lew Harriman, Mason-Grant Consulting

"The RESNET BPI group on LinkedIn is one of the best learning tools available to people in our industry, largely because of David Butler. He's an HVAC genius and does a fantastic job moderating and contributing to that group. He has an amazing source of knowledge in the field of building science, especially concerning mechanical systems"
Allison A. Bailes III, PhD, Energy Vanguard

"That Mr. Butler fellow knows what he is talking about. Not sure about that turpentine stuff he puts on his pork though..."
Joe Lstiburek, Building Science Corporation

"David's knowledge and skills are the equivalent of a marriage between the ASHRAE Handbooks of Fundamentals and Applications, held together with the logic of a seasoned economics professor from Wharton. Toss in Henry Kissinger's touch on ambassadorship and you'll have a good picture of one of our industry's most respected individuals."
Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.), Indoor Climate Consultants

"I appreciate your competence and knowledge ready at hand, your professionalism in how you respond to posts, and the grace you extend to others."
Dennis Dietz, Ventilation Advisors LLC

"As a building science expert, I've been following David's comments in the LinkedIn RESNET BPI group for some time. I'm continually amazed at his depth of knowledge in building science, especially HVAC. For those of you who think you understand all the intricacies of the building environment, tune in to David's insightful, thought provoking and always articulate commentary on a variety of technical topics you thought you already understood."
Scott Wood, Director of Building Sciences, International Association of Certified Thermographers

"Very rarely do you come across someone like David who can apply his vast knowledge to practical situations. This is what separates David from the rest. His unique gift for simplifying the complicated has helped me understand a variety of complex building science principles."
David Richardson, Curriculum Developer & Trainer, National Comfort Institute

"I benefit greatly from these (group) discussions. It can really open my mind to new areas of investigation to pursue when I have a difficult issue I am trying to address! Thanks for all of your valuable input in all of the online groups you participate in. Your knowledge has helped me tremendously."

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