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"David was a tremendous asset to our engineering team at Enalasys. If you want it done right, have David look at it first."
Mike Davis, former Director of Product Development & Production, Enalasys Corp

"David mentored me nearly 30 years ago when I jumped feet-first into the nascent home automation industry. All the players seemed to know and respect David, and even then he had a clear vision of how emerging technologies would reshape how we interact with our homes. Years later when I was CTO at Enalasys Corp, I had the opportunity to work directly with David. I initially brought him in as a consultant to help us develop a low-cost HVAC monitor and gateway product. David quickly became an indispensable full-time member of my engineering team. And even though he continued to work remotely, his total commitment to work and company was never an issue. David has strong written communication skills and he's one of those rare people who can jump in the middle of just about any technical challenge and quickly get to its essence - and without missing important details. In a start-up R&D environment where there's never enough resources or the right talent to get it all done, I don't know anyone I'd rather have by my side."
Michael Cogbill, Chief Engineer, ETC, Inc. (former CTO, Enalasys Corp)

"David Butler has exemplary analytical skills and is one of the few engineers I have met that has a true grasp of building science concepts. I had the pleasure of working with David and always found him to be thorough regarding his approach, eager to understand the issue, and very detailed in his solutions and explanations. I enjoy David's fresh approach to managing building performance solutions."
David Manoguerra, former VP National Field Operations, Enalasys Corp

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